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Hotel New York

Your most beautiful day

Your wedding at the most beautiful location of Rotterdam: Hotel New York. In the past immigrants used to start a new stage in their lives. Nowadays, you can say YES to your lover.



Hotel_New_York_Receptie_Bibliotheek Reception

Reception (14.00 PM)

Your friends and family can meet here and drink a cup of coffee before starting your ceremony.

Hotel_New_York_Rotterdam_Trouwen_binnenlopen Ceremony

Ceremony (15.00 PM)

Say YES to eachother in the unique Ballroom, in the classic Reuchlin hall or on the lawn at the Meuse. Enjoy the beautiful view and each other during your ceremony.


Reception (16.00 PM)

Bubbles! You are married! Bring a toast with all your guests and we open the bar.

Hotel_New_York_Taart_Snijden Wedding cake

Wedding cake (16.00 PM)

Our pastry can make any desired cake special for you. The photographer is at the front; you will cut the cake together and we will do the rest.

hotel_new_york_tafel_gedekt Dinner

Dinner (18.00 PM)

A wedding dinner at a nostalgic place in Rotterdam. Together with us, you will make the ideal dinner. We would like to combine all speeches with a 3 or 4 course dinner of your choice.

Hotel_New_York_Bruidsmeiden Party

Party (20.00 PM)

In our Balszaal there we will organise the perfect party with beautiful views of the Meuse. Your ceremony master can now enjoy the party while eating a bitter ball.

Hotel_New_York_Trouwen_Entertainment Entertainment

Entertainment (20.00 PM)

Hotel New York has more collaborations and experiences with great bands, DJs and other entertainment. If your cousin is Martin Garrix then he may also be performing.

Hotel-NewYork-Rotterdam-kamer-2 Bridal suite

Bridal suite (00.00 AM)

At the end of the evening you will end your special day in our bridal suite

Hotel_New_York_Glas_in_Lood Foto shoot

Foto shoot (all day)

The day is complete with the opportunity to make your bridal photos in Hotel New York.

Wedding venues

Inside Hotel New York we have two beautiful rooms: the Balszaal and Board Room Reuchlin. It is also possible to marry outside for the iconic building.

More wedding venues

Wedding package

On a special day there is also a special place for the wedding night. Hotel New York has several suites available for a night to never forget. The next day a champagne breakfast in bed completes the whole experience.

More wedding package


Would you like to know the opportunities to get married in Hotel New York. Please contact our reservation department via +31 (0)10 439 05 55 or fill out the contact form.

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