Can I book a table on the terrace?

Due to the unpredictability of the weather, this is unfortunately not possible. You can only make reservations to sit inside of the restaurant. If you want to sit on the terrace, you can report this on arrival at the reception. At the moment we will look at possibilities.

Can I have a dinner with 35 people at your restaurant?

In our restaurant we can place groups up to 25 people. For groups larger than this, we would like to refer you to one of our beautiful rooms.

Can the Afternoon Tea be used outside on the terrace?

No that is not possible. Due to the warm weather and the combination of snacks, we do not serve the Afternoon Tea outside.

Can the Afternoon Tea be reserved before 15:00?

No that is not possible. Our afternoon tea is available from 15:00. You can make a reservation until 17:00.

Can HNY do something extra for a birthday or celebratory event?

Yes, that’s for sure! Our staff can provide a festive fireworks fountain and a personal message on a postcard. We would like to hear prior to your reservation when you are interested in this.

May we decorate the table?

Of course! On special occasions, tables are regularly decorated. As long as other guests do not feel a nuisance with the decorations and the items are well cleaned (confetti is NOT, for example), you can make the table extra festive. In consultation, you can arrive 15 minutes before for the finishing touch of the table. Because it is often busy in the restaurant, our staff unfortunately do not decorate tables. However, they can provide a festive fireworks fountain.

Do we get a group discount at HNY?

We don’t work with group discounts.

What is NY Basement?

NY Basement is Hotel New York’s new restaurant located in the basement. On www.nybasement.nl you can find everything about the restaurant.

Can I make a reservation for the Oyster bar?

Unfortunately, we can not reserve a specific table for you. There are so many reservation requests daily that we can not meet everyone’s preferences. However, we note your preference at the time of booking and can all the delicious dishes of the Oyster bar be ordered in the entire restaurant.

Do you have Dudok apple pie?

No, we do not sell that. Hotel New York has its own patisserie making all our delicious pastries all the way!

Can I have a table at the window?

Unfortunately, we can not set a specific table for you at the table reservations. There are so many reservation requests daily that we can not meet everyone’s preferences. However, we note your preference when booking and we will of course do our best.


What time is the check out?

It is possible to Check-out until 11 a.m. If you wish to stay longer, you can reserve a late check-out based on availability. The cost of this is €35,-.

Is the room rate including breakfast?

The room rate is excluding breakfast, we allow our guests to decide on the spot whether they want to make use of the buffet or rather order something from the card.

Where can I enjoy breakfast?

The buffet breakfast is located in the restaurant on the ground floor and is available between 7 and 10 o’clock on weekdays. On weekends between 7 and 11 hours.

What time can we check in?

This is possible from 15:00.

Is it possible to check in earlier?

This is subject to availability, so we can never guarantee it.


Where are the toilets

In the restaurant, down the stairs and to the right.

Is there an invalid toilet?

Yes, this is in the hotel lobby.

Where can we park, and what are the costs?

Parking is available in the car park next to Hotel New York at a discounted rate of € 3.00 per hour during the day (07:00 – 17:00) and € 2.25 per hour in the evening and at weekends, or a day ticket à € 22,50 ,. The garage is open daily from 06:30 until 23:30. To drive out is possible 24 hours a day. Outside the pier, parking is paid by means of a parking license: www.rotterdam.nl/product:kentekenparkeren.

The paid parking is from Monday to Saturday from 09:00 to 23:00 and Sunday from 12:00 to 23:00. This is only possible by pin or credit card. The parking code is 130.

From October 9th the paid parking in front of the hotel is no longer available. Only the parking garages.

Is it possible to reserve a parking space?

Reservation of places is not possible.

The parking lot is full, where should we park now?

If the garage is full, you can report to the left entrance as a guest of Hotel New York.

Is there an invalid parking space?

Behind our restaurant you can find a large parking lot. There are also invalid places to find.

Does Hotel New York also have a (photo) museum?

No, sorry. Hotel New York has two restaurants, a hotel and two small shops but no museum. However, there are several (older) pictures and wallboards to be found in the building. For example, behind the reading table.

How do I get to the roof terrace?

Not … Hotel New York does not have a public roof terrace. Upstairs are beautiful hotel rooms and meeting rooms.

Can I buy tickets for the water taxi?

It is possible to purchase water taxi tickets at the Hotel New York reception.

Here, individual tickets are sold for a cruise within the center zone and they have the rate of €4.50 per adult and €2.25 per child per boat.

Please refer to the Watertaxi Rotterdam for the places in the center area.

Water taxi Rotterdam can be reached via 010-4030303 or www.watertaxirotterdam.nl


Does Hotel New York contribute to sponsorship

Hotel New York chooses and supports a number of organizations and charities each year. These have been carefully selected. Unfortunately, we are unable to process any other applications.

Photo's and videos

Can I organize a photo shoot or video show at Hotel New York?

Yes, that’s possible. Here are certain conditions attached. For more information send an email to: marketing@hotelnewyork.nl

Is it possible to make a bridal shoot?

Yes, this is possible. There are costs associated with this. For more  information send an email to: marketing@hotelnewyork.nl