Delicious cake
in Hotel New York

Cakes and pastries

Did you know that Hotel New York has its own patisserie? Every day, the best cakes and pastries are prepared. Enjoy a home-made tompouce or the most delicious home-made cake of the month. The cake of the month varies each month from bavarois cake with champagne and cranberries to a cake with frangipan (almond), yellow cream, amarene cherries and caramel.

  • Cake of the month
  • Apple Pie
  • Oreo cheesecake
  • Cheese cake with red fruit
  • Lemon pie with merengue
  • Strawberry shell
  • Children's donut
  • Tompouce (Yellow cream with or without a cream filling)
  • HNY Stroopwaffel
  • Chocolate chip cookie

Pick up your pie

Are not you in the possibility to have a cake at Hotel New York? You can now also order cake ranging from a pie tip, half a cake or a whole cake.

Please order your cake two days in advance before you pick it up.

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Wedding cakes

The patisserie makes every wedding cake as desired. During your wedding day you can choose different wedding cakes from our list. In consultation with the reservation department and the patisserie, it can be adapted.

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Hotel New York "Stroopwafel"

Recently, Hotel New York has launched its own Stroopwafel in cooperation with Opstroopwafel Rotterdam. The Stroopwafel has different flavors. We have the flavors Orange and Almond / Amaretto. Of course, the “regular” Stroopwafel is also for sale. The Stroopwafel is available in the restaurant, on the terrace and for sale in the Kiosk.