Welcome to Rotterdam! Young, international, surprising city on the water. A city that continues to renew itself rapidly. At each visit has expanded its already impressive skyline again.

Rotterdam is a must visit city. The city, also known as ‘Manhattan on the Maas’, is included as a travel tip in Rough Guides and The New York Times. The architectural skyline is a real attraction.

Rotterdam is also known as ‘Manhattan on the Maas’ named

Through the reconstruction of post-war Rotterdam, the city has become a modern city. Everywhere you look futuristic and daring styles. The Rotterdam Skyline with the famous Erasmus Bridge was especially at night very impressive. The many water taxis take you to the center with its museums, galleries, shops and restaurants. In the Scheepvaartkwartier the Veerhaven you feel the nostalgia of Rotterdam. De Witte, the Pannekoekstraat Van Oldenbarneveldstraat not miss streets in Rotterdam!

Rotterdam is a 5 in the Top 10 Cities of the World in the Lonely Planet