Historical Delft


Discover the history of Delft...

Delft is a city with history and a special relationship with the Royal Family. Stroll through the pedestrianized town: narrow streets, picturesque canals, quaint boutiques and beautiful buildings.

Delft is full of historic buildings: the New Church, the final resting place for members of the royal family, is absolutely worth it. In museum Prinsenhof paintings and art tell the story of the ‘Eighty Years’ War.

Delft is also known as ‘Little Amsterdam’ because of the many canals found in the city

Of course, you also get to Delft for the world-famous porcelain: Delft Blue! Take a tour of the historic factory ‘Royal Delft’ and admire the beautiful indoor garden full ceramic ornaments from the last century.

Painter Johannes Vermeer, known for the painting ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring ‘, comes from Delft.

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